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How do I register for the study?

It’s simple! Click on ‘Get started’ at the bottom of our home page, or simply click here. Then, watch the short video and read the instructions.

Can I register if I do not exactly meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria?

Unfortunately, no.

In which language is your website translated and in which language can I participate?

The website and study are intended for people who understand English, German or French (for Swiss participants)

I do not live in Switzerland or Germany, but I can have the material delivered in Switzerland or Germany, can I participate?

Unfortunately not, the project is currently limited to people residing in Switzerland or Germany.

I am diabetic, can I participate?

Unfortunately not.

I swim or practice water sport regularly, can I participate?

The sensor is water-resistant and can be worn while showering. In the notice, it is said that it can be worn while bathing and swimming as well, however, by experience, it can easily detach during prolonged immersion. You should then avoid swimming during this two weeks. In any case do not take your sensor deeper than 1 meter or immerse it longer than 30 minutes in water.

I do intense sports regularly, can I participate?

if you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) below 18.5 or a lean musculature (for example, if you are an elite athlete), those are not exclusion criteria, but we do not recommend you to participate. The filament of the glucose sensor could reach your muscle, which is not dangerous, but on the one hand is painful and on the other hand, distorts the data.

I follow a special diet, can I participate?

If you can eat what is requested for standardised breakfasts, you can participate.

I have signed up, when can I participate? What should I do now?

Reread the email you received with the subject ‘Sign up completed’. So you have nothing to do but wait for news from us. We have received a large number of requests and will stagger them to allow the selected participants to be carefully monitored and to maintain continuity from beginning to end of participation in the study in terms of equipment, data processing and laboratory analyses.

Applications will be evaluated in batches and you will receive an email when a decision has been made. The team is doing its best to allow everyone to participate in the study but given the importance of reflecting the entire population, some groups could be limited.

Are there any fees to participate or do we receive a fee for participating?

We cover all material and shipping costs.

I have signed up, but I do not want or can no longer participate

To unsubscribe, you will have to log in one last time on the foodandyou.org website. Go to Settings (click on your name at the top right), then click on - Interrupt Study - (at the very bottom of the Settings page).

Study prepartion and tracking weeks

What will my commitments be if I join the study?

During 14 days, you will be required to

  1. Take a photo of your food and drinks with your smartphone.
  2. Track or log your physical activity and sleeping time.
  3. Wear a sensor that will continuously measure your glucose level. You will also have to answer online questionnaires and send in a sample of your stool.
Can I choose the date to start the study?

Yes, you can sign up at any time. The study will be open all year round. Also, once you have completed the preparation steps and received the material, you will be able to select the date to start the two weeks of tracking.

Can I postpone the days of standardized breakfasts?

Normally not, it is important to follow the proposed schedule so that we can compare reactions to standardized meals between participants. If you really cannot eat your standardized breakfast, for example if you are travelling and cannot prepare your glucose drinks, you can postpone it by one or two days, in this case, you should specify this in the notes at the bottom of the tracking weeks form.

What do you expect me to eat for standardized breakfasts?

Standardised breakfasts are described in a table on the page Participant information.

Can I take medication and/or food supplements during the study?

Yes, you can follow your usual or occasional treatments. Drugs should be recorded in the daily questionnaires (on the foodandyou.org website and not in the mobile app MyFoodRepo). Note that, it is not necessary to indicate them during the three days of ‘test’.

I receive too many emails or text messages

You can adjust the sending of notifications by SMS or email in the study settings. Log in, then click on your name at the top right, then on the tab Notifications.

Do I have to keep taking pictures of my meals after the three days of testing the MyFoodRepo app and the beginning of the follow-up weeks?

You can continue to take pictures of your dishes during the study preparation, between the three-day test of the MyFoodRepo application and the beginning of the follow-up weeks, but this is not mandatory.

Glycemic sensor - FreeStyle Libre

Is the blood glucose sensor painful?

No, but you may feel a slight numbness in your arm. However, it should not be painful.

What if my sensor comes off before the end of the tracking weeks?

You can stop to track your food with MyFoodRepo. Write us via the contact form, we will send you a new sensor so that you can continue the study.

Can I take the plane or pass through the security doors with my sensor?

Yes, you can board a plane with the sensor and pass through the security doors.

My sensor is starting to peel off

Protect your sensor with the Tagaderm patch given with the study material.

Why do you have to buy lemon juice?

To add to the glucose drink, see the details in the General Instructions.

Technical issues, apps download and account access

The sign up or consent form does not work.

The website does not currently work on Internet Explorer. Use another browser, for example, Chrome, Safari or Firefox. If the site does not work on these browsers, update it.

I can no longer access my account?

Make sure you do not confuse your MyFoodRepo app logins with those of the foodandyou.org website. You can click on -Forgotten Password- to get a new password.

I can't find the MyFoodRepo application on the App/Play Store

Currently, the application is only available on the Play/Apple Store Switzerland and Germany, as it is specifically designed to track the diet of people living in Switzerland or Germany. If you want to download the MyFoodRepo app, you have to change the country of your Play store. If you want to participate in the study, you have to download the MyFoodRepo app.

I could not install the LibreLink application on my phone. What should I do now?

Unfortunately you cannot proceed with the study. As stated in the inclusion criteria you must have a mobile phone with NFC technology enabled.

I have a problem creating my account on LibreView.

Our study is fully independent of LibreView and we cannot act on problems related to LibreView. We recommend that you contact their customer service directly.


What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science is when members of the general public volunteer in scientific research activities. It increases scientific knowledge, raises people’s awareness of scientific questions and ensures that science reflects and represents the general population. See Citizen Science for more information.

How does the MyFoodRepo application work?

The application MyFoodRepo uses an open source database, the Open Food Repository, and a machine learning algorithm. Combined, these allow you to easily record what you have been eating, either from scanning a barcode or from having the software identify food in your photographs. See MyFoodRepo for more information.

Who is organizing and financing the project?

This project was initiated and is developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)’s Digital Epidemiology Lab and is financed by the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen foundation. To see exactly who is working on the project, visit the team.

How is my data stored?

Generation, transmission, storage, and analysis of health-related personal data and the storage of biological samples within this project strictly follow the current Swiss and European legal requirements for data protection and are performed according to the Swiss Ordinance on Clinical Trials in Human Research (ClinO), Art 5. and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Art 5. The health-related personal data captured during this project and biological samples will be stored anonymously with a code to safeguard participants’ confidentiality. More info.