Track your individual response to food and help advance science

Citizen Science

Take part in an exciting citizen science project on personalized nutrition!

Citizen science enables volunteers and professionals to make discoveries together.

By participating in this project, you will understand how your blood sugar levels change in response to the food you eat.


Track your dietary intake

By taking photos of your meals, you will easily track your dietary intake. An algorithm will automatically identify the content of your meals from the photographs.

Blood Sugar

Track your blood sugar level

By wearing a small sensor on your arm, your glucose levels will be measured continuously.


Identify the composition of your gut microbiome

You will collect a stool sample using the kit provided and send it back by post. Your sample will be genetically sequenced to determine the composition of your intestinal flora.


Follow indicators from your day-to-day life

You will record your physical activity and sleep via smart watches and/or answer online questionnaires. Participating women who are interested will also have the opportunity to follow their menstrual cycle.

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